Friday, November 27, 2009


A few weeks ago at a Relief Society Gratitude dinner, our guest speaker asked each of us to quickly say one thing we were thanksful for. I slightly cheated when I said,
"We don't get much time with my husband because is doing a MBA and working full time so I am grateful that we get to see him everyday, even if its only enough time to eat dinner. And I'm grateful to stay at home with my kids because at least one of us gets to see them." (It was Relief Society so a lot of woman said a much longer statement than me.)
I could list a good dozen or so more things I'm grateful for, but I would inevitable miss a good thousand or so, I should have listed.

For History sake: I spent Thanksgiving with my husband's family, which over the years has become just as much my family. We also went and visited the motherland of Logan the other weekend. We had a great time both times. Our kids had fun with cousins, and it was nice to talk to the other adults, and be the old boring adults that just sit around and talk. It was especially fun to see my nieces, that are part of my son's triplet cousins. Three cousins all born a month apart. Recently I keep thinking, you guys grew into people, I remember when you were babies, like my baby. One day my baby is going to be a person. Recently when I see these girls, I think, I remember when you were born! I have been your aunt your whole life. (There is something about watching a child grow up, who you saw only hours after their entrance into the world called birth. Even if you only see them every few months or years.)
Overall I can't believe how long I've been any of their aunts on my husband's side.
I recently told someone that my husband comes from a family of 8 kids, and I'm from 7 kids, and most are married with kids, so there is a lot of us. Her response was that is way too many, no. I thought well that is rude. Then I thought I wouldn't want it any other way, even if its crazy chaotic and super loud when either side gets together even partially.

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