Sunday, November 29, 2009

Primary Lesson

My primary lesson was on not taking the Lord's name in vain. It started off with "an enrichment activity" involving a pretend baby (doll) and teaching the importance of names. I ditched that and looked up all their names and printed out the meanings to share with them. They all found it very exciting to hear their meanings. While I was at it, I looked up mine. I knew it would say "from the grey fortress" or "from the grey forest". Except I was wrong! For whatever reason this is what it told me:

The meaning of the name Leslie is Joy

The origin of the name Leslie is English

Speaking of joy I was overjoyed to be have a real meaning. Although now I don't match with my husband, who is "from the hill". Overall I'm totally lost on how magically changed the meaning of my name. Every source I've ever looked at, which is a lot, has never told me joy before.

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