Monday, November 16, 2009

A cold

I guess I'm a rather healthy person, I rarely get more than "the sniffles". Every few years I get a flu, and every few years I get a cold or a sinus infection. Right now I have the phantom night cold. Sometimes I wonder if it is swine flu, but I have no aches and pains and no fever. Plus I feel perfectly fine during the day. No cough no nothing, night rolls around and suddenly my throat constricts, and I start fearing sleep.
You see I love my sleep, always have, as a child my mother switched me to afternoon kindergarten because I didn't wake up early enough. I love my sleep, but only long uninterpreted sleep. With as much as my throat is constricted I know I will not be able to sleep through the night, even if I do sleep on a mound of three pillows. I will wake up undoubtedly at a 4 am, if not more, in a coughing fit. I will be warm and sung in my bed, except for my head with will be freezing from my drafty window. We need to move our bed, which is not an easy task, it will involve moving about 20 boxes of food storage/boxes of number 10 cans.
All of this reminds me of when my daughter was a newborn. I dreaded going to sleep with her, because I knew she was going to wake me up every two hours. I would count down the feedings, knowing in only 3 more feedings I would be able to get up for the day and end this madness.
Last night luckily I only woke up at 4 am, I was coughing bad enough I got out of bed, and walked around a bit, and turned down the heater it would only make me angry to stay in bed. I get angry when something is preventing my sleep.
After a minute, I turned on my mini laptop, and started researching easy to clean humidifier on amazon. Ours is getting to old to be effectively washed. It was frustrating work at 4 am. I gave up after a little while, and went back to bed.
Its good to get sick occasionally, it makes me more sympathetic. I hate humidifiers, I planned on totally giving up on them, and made my kids suffer through dry winters. Until I got sick now I know how miserable it is to be coughing while the dry heater is blowing on you. I bought another humidifier, although who knows if it is easy clean, our old one is supposedly easy clean. At least the new one has an on off switch.
Off to bed.
Morning update: My husband took the drafty side of the bed, then shoved a pillow in the window and solved the drafty problem. Miraculously I slept through the night. The only other thing I did different was put out Eucalyptus aroma therapy. Say what you will, but that really does help dry hoarse coughs.

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