Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Santa

Yesterday morning, my son told me he wanted Santa to bring him Candy Canes, and that he wanted to write him a letter telling him so. So we started to write a letter to santa. In case our pictures are a little confusing I've included so more.
The gold ring will be a cheapo CTR ring from distribution, I'm not about to pay money for something he will lose.
After he said a monster I thought great, that will be totally easy to whip up after bedtime with fleece scraps. I thought of the free Joanns pattern monster. After further conversation I realized my son meant a Bionicle in the Lego magazine. I had to stop that idea, I was not buying a bionicle, too many small pieces to break off and make him cry as it crumbled to pieces. Plus we have had cheapo Happy Meal one piece Bionicles that he doesn't play with. As I tried to convince him he wanted a fleece monster, buy showing him pictures online, he found this one he was excited about. I wasn't about to pay $99 for a toy I don't even want. But then we found this. This is something I can work with. I have no idea why he wants a monster.

After making the Santa Letter, I decided it was time to hang up our stockings. They have been floating around my bedroom because I got a new nephew to make a stocking for. I also put the santa letter up, because it was better than on the computer desk.


  1. Oh yes, its never too early for stockings. Other stuff maybe yes, that is a personal decision for everyone. But in my house its never too early for stockings.