Monday, November 30, 2009

Business Trip

Did I already blog about this? The week before Thanksgiving my husband had a business trip, it had been a year so apparently it was time. During the trip I bought my kids stuff animals, I realized it was the first time I had ever bought my children new stuff animals. Sad I know. They love them, and carry them everywhere. Motherhood is all about pushing your emotional needs on your children, so that is why they got presents well their dad was out of town. I can't handle my husband out of town without buying something to sooth my loneliness. Normally I buy my kid a new movie for both of us to watch like, a Disney or something, that I can handle being in the room for, but this time I could tell they needed stuff animals. They also do a surprising job of sharing them with each other.
My son of course picked out a bunny.
And my daughter a dog. She loves doggies, do you see that maternal hold?

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  1. Your daughter's so dang cute with that stuffed animal!!