Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have been toying with the idea for a good month now. Cutting my daughters hair-- tonight I did it. She is just barely growing enough hair on the top to cover her cradle cap (no cleaning ideas needed, I have tried everything, nothing fixes it, we do do thing that help it), but she has more than enough hair in the back. As her hair has grown in and become thicker, the ring on the back of her head with the hair she was born with has gotten progressively longer and longer, to remind me of a balding mullet. Like I said I've been toying with the idea of a trim for a month or more. I remember when my boy was a baby thinking thank goodness I have a boy and I cut his hair so it doesn't get straggly as it grows out like girls. Then a month ago I realized there is no reason for my daughter to have straggly hair. Sure with her trim it will still be straggly, but at least her mullet won't be so long. I was totally planning on cutting it, then I second guessed myself and decided not to. "Let her be a baby" Then two nights ago was the last straw when a friend of mine who has a baby girl one day younger than mine, who has short hair, but the most perfect uniformed baby hair you will ever see, said, yeah I noticed on Sunday her hair is growing down the back of her head. I was shocked, "are you talking about my baby?" She laughed saying yes. That was too embarrassing for me, I decided I was cutting it, I was just debating on who to ask to help me. When tonight when I got her out of the bath, and I noticed all the wet hair pulling off her neck as it dried. I decided right now, right here. I looked to see if our hair cutting supplies were in that bathroom or the other. Darn the other. I thought maybe I should go get tiny sewing scissors, no, I didn't want to poke her, when she wiggled. Then I thought of my son's new school scissors, still new so they won't be too dull, but not pointy on the end. I grabbed them, and started chopping. I just cut a straight line along the bottom of her hair line. It felt so satisfying after weeks of indecision. Then I got sad it was her first baby hair cut, so I carefully stacked her clopped mullet locks, and then when I finished, I put them in a pink envelope. It is done, it is still mulletish, but at least it isn't growing down her back anymore. And I still think she is darling looking.
While I was at it, I trimmed around my son's ears. I'm loving his curly hair, so I don't want to cut it, but it needed a trim around his ears. I let his hair grow out from a buzz every year around this time.

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  1. My baby is the queen of mullets! (but I still like her)