Friday, November 20, 2009

Her favorite things

And now its time for her favorite things. I actually needed these pictures for her baby book, but then also decided to take Lauren's idea of her favorite things.
A cow that has a rattle in it, someone gave us when she was a newborn.
Her sippy cup with a straw and her boots.
Her tricot blanket/rag with ribbons sewn on and a fleece blanket. The bizarre thing about the fleece blanket, it also came from the same giver as the cow, but it is a blanket I never once gave to my daughter. I can't give my children fleece blankets to cuddle with, because I hear my mom's voice in the back of my head. But I do let them play with them. I never once gave her this blanket, but she has latched on to it for all its worth, she carries it everywhere. I think she actually loves it more than tricot.
And lets not forget her bald baby.

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