Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lame-o Blame-o

I have been a pretty crappy blogger as of late. I wait in anticipation for other's updates on google reader, thinking this is hypocritical, where are mine? I have none, my brain is mute. I have mental break downs occasionally, when I hang the same ad hoc curtain separating my children's beds for nap time, and it falls 5 times in the process. I stare at the wall, and at my sewing cabinet, wondering why I'm not finishing the last few presents.
All I want to do is hangout with my husband and be lazy. No dinner cooking, no taking care of children, no work, no school, but yet, we are no longer newlyweds. You can't really play hookie in a professional MBA program, and well my daily chores still have to get done whether my husband goes to work or not, so he might as well go. I keep thinking, the two crappy things about having kids, its hard to go on vacation, and you can't sleep in on the weekends. My husband informs me that those aren't even needed unless you have kids.
I'm exhausted as all get out, it took me a while to figure out, then I realized oh I have to pick up a lot of the slack around the house, because my husband just isn't home and doesn't have time to help. I don't blame him, but I sleep solidly every night, out of pure exhaustion, and usually take a nap during the day.
Today was preschool, I had to teach, I was not looking forward to it. Four hours later I was prepared, luckily only 4 kids showed up not 6. Mental note 6 is too many, don't allow little brothers and sisters when I do it for the next child. It was almost enjoyable today, I just am not cut out for this small child business. My biggest complaint is the snottiness of the some of the kids. Suck it up!
I was completely functional while my husband was on his business trip last week, ever since, I've been crazy mommy. My husband says, he should leave more often because I'm more capable without him, I think don't think I could handle being solely capable more than 4 days in a row.
When he came home, my son was so excited for hours leading up to it. Then when he came in the door, he was not. He was clingy on me, he wouldn't even look at his dad. We were concerned we knew this is always a possibility. Children form and break attachments very easily its for survival. Within a half an hour he had completely gotten over any hesitancy . I expected my daughter to be worse, and my son not to care. It was the exact opposite. It was my daughter he acted like he never even left, she was so happy to see him, she didn't even care about eating.
Thanks goodness it is Thanksgiving, my husband will be with us for four days straight. I'm not pregnant, last year, by this point, I was very comfortable and very 9 months pregnant, life was not pretty. Now I have an adorable girl who eats more food in one meal than her brother consumes all day.
This is probably chalk full of typos, errors, misspellings, misplaced words, missing contractions, prefixes, suffix, and overall confusion, but like I said I'm currently brain mute.

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  1. I look fwd to your posts popping up on google reader :)
    You always get me thinking