Sunday, October 11, 2009

What I liked from church,

other than I am a builder song (will this work?).
A missionary got up and said. Our Father in Heaven is much like parents here. We see our children sometimes need help, but we don't intervene unless they ask us for help. We have to ask him for his help.
That really clicked for me, since I have small children who are learning lots of new things each day to help them understand how to be a mortal person. Its hard work, and I let them figure things out themselves.
Although I will say, sometimes, my child doesn't ask for help, but has an emotional outburst of frustration. In which case I ask calmly do you need help? If we have developed a relationship with our Father in Heaven, I do think sometimes after we have overwhelming outbursts, we do hear a quiet do you need help? If we are listening.

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