Monday, October 12, 2009

Help anyone?!

Does anyone want to come visit me and do this project? I have only been planning on making a headboard for my bed since I graduated two and half years ago. First off I didn't have a garage or a yard, then I had those but I was either sick and pregnant, or had a newborn. Now I'm back to no garage, but actually that wouldn't stop me, what is stopping me, is the two children I have to take care, DIY projects like this are not possible without help with two small kids. My husband is in school, oh and I don't have money for the wood, fabric, or foam. But seriously I AM planning on it...

I would just go for a straight rectangle piece of wood. It seems so comfy to have a pad headboard. Not to mention it just sounds nice to have a headboard. You plan on helping me, and I'll start saving money, we could do it in a few hours doubled, with children around everything takes twice as long. Ok, seriously sign up below to help me.

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