Monday, October 26, 2009

My smidgen

My husband spent a long time coming up with my daughter's nickname from him. My husband decided he needed my son's approval. During this time smidgen stuck of for me, I call her half a dozen things if not more but I like smidgen, because as I often say she is just a smidgen of a girl. Which is true thing of her size comparison to an adult. Here is what my 10 month old has been up to. I needed to record all this for history sake.

She loves Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

She has four teeth two up and two down. She started to dance, and she recently added clapping into her dance routine. Although she has been clapping for a month or more, maybe. She also loves to sing, and always sings along. At this point she is tone deaf to boot. She took her first steps, and has become a walker. Crawling was her primary mode after starting to walk, its quickly disappearing, and usually is only used when she is sad and is trying to get to one of us.
The other night enjoyed walking from her bedroom to the kithen carrying her clothes in the kitchen, and other things like her sippy cup into her bedroom. She pretty much walks anywhere she wants to these days, and even successfully walked in the kitchen with tights on. She has is proud of her new milestones, she often looks at me like did you see what I just did. She is in a very sweet age. She gives me hugs a lot, she occasionally gives me kisses, she get very giddy when she see her mommy and daddy kiss or hug. The other day she sat quietly sucking her thumb on her daddy's lap for a good 20 minutes while he was working from home. She didn't try to touch the keyboard or anything, I'm assuming she knew it was her one chance to soak up good quality daddy time with his crazy schedule. She gave up baby mush unforunately, she loves cheese, but if I'm not careful she eats too much and gets stinky. She'll eat pretty much anything, and she loves vegetables.

I'm keep thinking she is no where near weaning herself. Her brother weaned himself at 10 months, I'm counting down till December, I'm sick of this. Although I don't really want her to grow up. And she is getting closer, she nurses half as often as she did a month ago.

Oh and she likes to join in the wrestling with her dad and brother. The other day she jumped on her brother while he was on the ground, just like they jump on their dad. Brother was terrible upset, but I couldn't help but laugh. They are totally siblings, they both pick on each other, and when one doesn't get their way, they look at me screaming. I just have to laugh, and think oh boring life would be as an only child.

Oh and I finally realized she and spout sippy cups were not working for her, I bought her a straw cup, and she cosumes twice as much liquid from a cup than she ever did before. Which means that is less she has to nurse. She couldn't get the tilt the cup idea. She loves her cup now.