Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging maina

I'm pretty sure I would love to have a globe. A globe is so much more magical than a world map. I loved planning, whoops I meant playing, maybe it was a Freudian Slip, when I was little. Because that is what you do with a globe, you spin it fast, then let your finger stop it and figure out where you are going to go. Sure 90% of the time you end up in the ocean, but that is the fun of it, trying to pronoun the island closest to your finger. I remember playing with a globe with my brothers Ben and Daniel, in our basement in New Hampshire. It must of been after someone got a mission call? I don't know. We were planning our futures, based on the spinning and letting the finger drop science. I also remember my mom finding the Marshall Islands and showing it to us, after that's were our cousins moved. Plus grandpa had multiple globes to look at. Looking at it so confused, why it said USSR if it no longer existed, and how it could be something else if right there on the map it said USSR. Ok, so truth betold its not just a globe memory, I remember being so confused as a elementary school child. Little did I know one day as an "adult" in college I would study Russian Politics, my globe spins probably would have never predicted that. Anyway, isn't a globe magical?! I love them, I think my son and I could have so much fun with one. I nice antique looking one, who needs that ugly blue shade, I don't need my living room looking like an elementary school class room, but with modern political demarcation. What would be real cool is if the map was not only political but also physical. Was it fate for me to be dreaming of a globe on the day that Columbus found the Americas in 1492 by sailing the ocean blue, with the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria?
This is where I found the globe jpg.

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