Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas Present

Yesterday my picasa opened up to last year december. I reminded me last year we got the best christmas present. A baby girl!
So this is a cousin, not the baby, with my boy, but I found this picture, and loved it. If this doesn't describe the holidays, well... probably something else does. My son has a Book of Mormon in his hand.
I can't believe how much both my kids can grow up in 10 months.
I love this picture of her. I love my baby.

Today my kids and I cuddled in bed, until almost 10, one day my boy will be in Kindergarten, and there will be schedules in the morning, and even though there will be more 3 year olds in my life, and more babies in my life, there will never be unstructured fall mornings, once kindergarten starts. So I'm determined to enjoy each morning becomes lazy lounge in bed mornings. My kids had so much fun listening to the Curious George Jack Johnson Soundtrack on my cell phone.

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