Sunday, October 18, 2009

Primary Program

If you remember I teach Primary at church, I have the 5 and 6 year old class, which means my kids are anywhere from 4 years old not yet 5 and not in school yet, to 6 years olds who are in second grade. Today, we (not only my class, but all the classes, age 3 to 11) did our primary program in church. It was the first time I've participated in one since I was 12. We were ill prepared (our primary has a lot had a lot of turn over lately, namely our music director, and every primary teacher other than three I think), I figured it would be a miracle if we could pull it off. I have subbed in a lot of primaries, usually the kids know the songs better than our kids knew the songs. But yet I knew a miracle would happened and it would all come together, and prove once again the church is true. There were a lot of prayers said. It all came together-- life is a miracle huh? All you have to do is look around and see miracles everywhere. (Like when my daughter falls down walking, and is less than an inch from a corner and misses it.) As a plus my extremely shy, 4 year old in my class, actually said his line, (he didn't last year). After teaching this boy in church, teaching him in preschool/joyschool, and seeing him every time he plays outside with my son, I think he is making some real progress in breaking out of his shy shell. Today in Primary we couldn't get him to stop talking, two months ago we couldn't get him to talk, all he would do is squeak.
It was odd to be a teacher in the program, normally I look forward to the program, it is one of the best Sundays all year. But this was just a relief when it was all over, I was worried one of my kids would start to cry, or run off the stage, or something more tragic, I was worried how both of my kids would do with only my husband. I have cared for both of them without him during church, it isn't fun. So yes it was fun to see the kids perform, and sing the songs, but more than anything it was nice to walk home after it all was over, and throw my script and music away. Now that its over I can look forward to anticipation for the next 52 Sundays, until my son performs as a 4 year old next year in his very first primary program.
I honestly can't wait, that is one of the reasons you have kids right? So one day 4 years after miserable pregnancy and labor you can see them belting out the primary songs. Isn't that what everyone else thought about after they got married before they had kids during the primary program?

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  1. Ours is next week so this week & last we've been practicing. My enormous class of 5 year olds is definitely the entertainment of the crowd & I'm amazed to hear them belting out the songs so loudly since I can never get them to sing during Primary. Now they're TOO loud but we're not about to stop them. We just look around at each other & laugh. I love practicing for the primary program just so I don't have to teach for a couple weeks. My favorite part of our program this year though is when one of the Sunbeams says that she can pray that she's thankful for her toy snow leopard. Kills me every time!