Monday, October 12, 2009

Thoughts on Christmas

Some might think it is too early for Christmas, but I've been thinking about it for months now.
If you are a long time follower, you might recall me expressing the sentiment that I wish I took the handmade pledge. I do make most of the christmas presents I give, but overall that's out of pride and frugality, not any political green statement. I sort of fell out of love when I realized the address was buy, because truth be known frugality has an ugly twin sister called cheap, and buying handmade is anything but cheap. (On an aside I don't think of buying books as a break in the pledge I always thought of it as an escape clause.)
After I realized it was buy handmade, I was able to stop feeling guilty about not making the pledge.
Today after driving home for the store, as I was mentally planning christmas present, I thought I make my kids stuff all year round. The reason christmas and birthdays are fun, is they finally get some cheap, plastic, loud, brightly colored toy. I never buy toys except for birthdays and christmas, so to take the handmade pledge would be quite the let down for my poor children.
Don't worry, they aren't poor, they have plenty of grandma's to supplement their plastic toy collection.
If I have you for christmas this year, you can either look forward to what I'm going to make you, or be disappointed you don't get something store bought from me.
My poor husband I make presents for everyone but him. Sort of, I make him presents, it just takes me years to finish. I guess I assume he'll forgive me not finishing in time, and so by the time I do finish, its time for another holiday.

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