Monday, October 12, 2009


This post has been in my head for a month now. I haven't had time/energy to be wordy on my blog, except for sanity. Today was the first day of Joyschool (preschool) for my son, and it was invigorating to have him out of the house for two hours. He loved it to, we'll see how much I love, when its mine turn to have 6 kids, from 2 and half, to 4 and half. (Beggers can't be choosers, right now I'm a begger, who was I to turn turn away the little sister.)
Back to the post at hand. My son hit a new milestone while we were in texas, he learned about namebrands, and the crap your parents buy you to save money. His little cousin got namebrand crocs after a rousing review from a different aunt. His little cousin, noticed the alligator on her shoes, and had fun pointing it out all day. I noticed my son look down at his off brand crocs and wonder where his alligator was. It was a sad moment as a mother-- let me assure you. Seriously, it was painful, so much of motherhood is. It pours all types of salt into old wounds you have been suppressing for decades. He didn't ask me, or let anyone on to the fact that is crocs, were not real crocs. He pretended to ignore the whole thing. The real painful point, was when he noticed that two of his other cousins also had "alligators" on their shoes.

Let me assure, I am not looking forward to my children going through middle school.


  1. Oh no!! I thought my ability for screwing up/traumatizing/emotionally scarring kids was limited to my own children! I never knew my talent was so far reaching.

  2. You are not traumatizing my child, I am traumatizing my child.