Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Calling in Life

I have recently been babysitting for neighbors. Not my favorite thing, I'm not much a of caretaker. I'm too self absorbed, I'm pretty sure. I'm not too sympathetic, and I not a fan of people touching me. So overall kids and I don't always mix, I'm not sure if I have a primary voice or not, you could ask my primary team teacher. I like to talk to kids like they are short adults, and when kids aren't use to that, they look at you like you are speaking a foreign language.
Anyway I do love living here right now, lots of kids for my son to play with, other mothers to complain to, people to call on when you need help. So I have been doing my neighborly duty and watching kids in minor emergencies.
One day I was watching children who are slightly high maintenance, they wanted me to talk to me, they wanted to play with me, they wanted to include me. (They clearly didn't know me in high school, I am anti social.) After my baby wouldn't nap because she didn't want to miss anything, I went to go complain to my husband. That I wasn't made for this type of thing, I wasn't made to take care of children. (He was working at home.) He laughed at me, and said what are you a working woman? I thought about it, and a few hours later, I decided I'm clearly not a working woman either, I am suppose to be a gentleman's daughter, as in the 18th Century. I not good at taking care of children, but at the same time I don't want to go fight in the man's world in high heels. I'm not too feminist. My calling in life should have been to be in the genteel class, to read novels, and embroidery cushions.
Although I'm not too much of a fan of blood letting, and I don't like to be subservient to anyone especially males, and I'm pretty fond of modern medicine, so maybe I'll stay in this time period. Since I do find plenty of time to read and embroider cushions while taking care of children.
Plus I like to wear pants.


  1. Primary, huh, how is that? :) I got called to RS teacher, it's once a month (thank goodness) but still scares me to death. My first two months I spent about 8 hours planning my 30 minute lesson!

    Here is the website and tutorial for leg warmers. I used knee high socks for women, they work out really well. I buy them on the clearance rack, and Ross/TGMax carry them cheap too. Once I knew what I was doing it only takes about 8 minutes per pair, way easy. post pics if you make them!!

  2. On another note, I too have always always wanted to make a headboard like that. Nearly every time I go to Jo-Anns I "browse" with a headboard in mind...

  3. Sometimes, I feel the same way. I'm like, "I was not meant for this time. I should be in beautiful dresses, learning french, playing the piano and attending operas all day long. That is the life for me." Then, I remember how terribly bored I get when I'm not in school or working or doing something stimulating. And I remember that I not only don't feel subservient to men, I'm pretty sure if women ran the world it would be a better place. And I remember that I want to be rich - as in independently rich. And then I realize, "Damn it. I am a feminist who needs/wants to work/be highly educated." What is wrong with me, le? Why I am not happy to just laze?

  4. In my time travels it's always the modern day plumbing that brings me back.