Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Halloween a week early

We went to a church Halloween Party last night so we had to be all ready a week early.
We have a spider, with all 8 eyes on his hood, per his request. And a little cat, who doesn't like her ears. Her tail is made from an old sock, and I'm afraid it looks a little silly, but her dad thinks its cute and that is all that matters.
I love this picture. I don't even think I was smiling for the camera, because I wasn't really sure what my husband was taking a picture of.
We danced the night away, since there was an even number. My husband held my daughter, and I held my son. Yes, my son wanted to dance, but only if I was holding him.
We go to church with some very festive people, all of the kids were dressed up, and most of the adults were all decked out too. It was a little crazy. I realize why I don't like Halloween, you get dressed up and feel like a nut case as you walk out your door, but by the time you get around others with costumes you feel under dressed. Oh, well I do like the candy, the treats, and the cutesy decorations, but not the ugly ones, or ones that involve bags hanging from trees.
Check out all the Halloween stuff we have been making at my other blog.


  1. I wish our ward was having a party...they are just doing a trunk or treat. You look so pretty!
    Oh and your crafts are awesome! love the cake and apron!

  2. We have ward party next week too. Fun stuff, the kids will love it. So, I have a question about the pumpkin cake on Fam Circ mag. Would you use a small pyrex bowl and just cook two half bowls, then paste them together with icing to form the round pumpkin?? I would love to try it, but do you think that would work??? And I love your homemade costumes. Tessa is Cinderella this year, dress came from yard sale, and I just had to make new sleeves cause the others were torn out. Thats my kind of costume, a $2 steal of a deal, and she loves it. But your spider is awesome and you did a great job!

  3. Thanks Caroline that was so nice of you to say. I didn't feel pretty when I was walking out of the house, my face was all broken out.
    I kind of wish we only had a truck or treat, then I wouldn't have to worry about taking my preschooler to random houses of people I don't know.

    I found the cake directions on this site:

  4. Cool costumes. I am glad you got the right amount of legs on that spider.