Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's day in our household is probably not as commercialized as some of you, and more remember then others.  That is specific huh!  My husband has never bought me flowers for mother's day. He recently let me in on his dirty trick.  I said just once surprise me with flowers instead of asking in the store.  If I can see the price tag I don't want to waste the money. I guess I should say, just twice, he did surprise me once. He finally told me after years of me complaining of this, well if I don't ask you in the store, then you'll want me to waste the money.  Harmph!  Stinky man. 
For mother's day, he does make dinner.  He and the kids make cards, which is a must tradition in our house for holidays.  But other than that, we are way too rational.  I usually buy my own present, because it turns out I really hate surprises from him.  If I'm specific he has no interest in going to the store to get me, what I've already picked out.  I just get it myself, which I agree with, I feel like we have a finite amount of time with him, and so why I do want him wasting time at a store I've already been to.  When it comes to dessert, sometimes he makes it, sometimes I make it, and sometimes I buy it from the store.  Once again why would I send him to the store to buy a dessert I've already picked out, while I'm already out running errands.  Yes, we are very much realists and very unromantic, but it works for us.  Sometimes I make dessert because I know what I want, I know how to make it the way I like it, and don't want to spend $10 on dessert, other times I do want want fancy store bought dessert. Other times he makes something for me, but its never quite as fancy as I want my dessert to be, which is why I rarely ask him to make me a dessert.  Now some of you more commercialized holiday folks, who also happen to me more romantic than us, may say, "ask him?".  Yes, because we've already established I don't like surprises because its different then what I planned in my head.  So what will mother's day be like this year?  Crappy, not because of my family, but because I always feel crappy on Sunday afternoon's after being pregnant and teaching primary.  I'll take a nap until I feel so crappy I must get up and consume calories.  Hopefully during which time, my family does something nice, like make cards.  Then my husband will make dinner.  I really should get a plan together on want I for dessert. Maybe I'll make him make it, who knows.  You know what my wildest dreams are, a donut shop in my town.  Seriously what type of small town doesn't have a donut shop?  
I'm off topic the whole point of this post is, there are a lot of holiday's through out the year.  Mother's Day, my birthday, Christmas, our anniversary, Valentine's day.  We are WAY too frugal/unromantic/realistic to do something special each holiday.  Not to mention, I can remember the date of our first kiss, when we got engaged, when I first went through the temple, yeah, there could be a lot of holidays/anniversaries.  What weekend we bought our house.  Things like our first date, and when we moved into our house are a little more blurry.  I do not want extravagance for each big day.  But every so often, not each big day, but every few big days, my husband does something to truly win me over.  This past monday, we were making cards for Grandma's and considering my husband doesn't get home until 6:30, and bedtime rituals should start at 7, I'm almost always cranky on Monday nights, during FHE, dinner, or bedtime, usually only one, rarely all three.  So I was ornery, and just wanted to "git 'er done."  Instead my husband decided to woo me.  He and the kids changed the lyrics to half a dozen or more Primary songs melodies about how much they like me, the mom, while I glued the cards together.  It was very sweet, I told them I wanted to film it next year.  The kids really got into it. Still what do I want for dinner and dessert...

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