Monday, May 21, 2012


For a few weeks, I really felt like I should attend the temple.  I've really struggled with regular attendance now that I have to drive an hour instead of 20 minutes.  Yes, I realize an hour distance would be a huge blessing for most of my members in my church, but for me I've had to completely change my pattern of attendance.  Two Saturdays ago I didn't feel like I had the time, but I went anyway.  I ate right before I went in and then felt sick the whole hour I participated.  I wondered why I felt so strongly to attend.  I was grateful for the blessing of the temple, but still.  My pregnancies and the temple don't go so well.  Out of three pregnancies, I have now almost passed out twice, and during the other pregnancy a worker asked me if I was going into labor, I said I sure hope not, I still have three months left.  But yes, I did have regular contractions during the whole two hours. I did not get near passing out two saturdays ago, but I still felt awful.
The following sunday in church, my friend shared a story.  She said a few months ago, she hadn't been to the temple for the month.  She was so busy she figured she might skip it.  But she went anyway, then of course she had enough time to get everything done.  If we put the temple first, we always have enough time.
I didn't think much of it at first, but the story stuck with me and I kept thinking about it.  Finally I realized that is why I got more done that Saturday then I ever get done on Saturdays even with being gone for 3+ hours at the temple.  When I went to bed that Saturday I wondered how I had enough time.  I was glad I heard the story, I needed that reminder in my life.
My daughter also reminded me of something, when I got home, I need to take her to temple so, she can be on the grounds and maybe catch a glimpse of a bride.

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