Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Third's Third

I am 27 weeks.  I think that means I'm in my third trimester. Who could really ever know these things.  I know if you take 40, and divide my three I'm now in the last third.  Except if you give birth at 40 weeks, you really have only been pregnant for 38 weeks.
I'm starting to get stressed about this baby's birth.  The due date is the 16th, J and N start school the 21st.  Just for the record my babies come after their due dates, like at 40 and half weeks.  Do you know what 40 and half weeks for me is?  The 20th or the 21st.  Ahh!
Luckily Grammy should be here.
Everyone is getting excited about baby brother.  N asks me constantly when are we going to the doctor to get baby brother out?  Little does she know she is not coming.  Brent wants to stay home with N, but I told him that's not an option.  He also recently expressed the desire to give up on natural childbirth, since it doesn't work for us anyway.  He said we go in, and once they put me on pitocin, we are getting the epidural before we are tired.  He apparently doesn't believe in the power of going as long as possible drug free.  There is a chance I put that thought in his head.  I need to start thinking about my expectations, but I really don't want to. The 6 year old is constantly talking about his desire to see the future so he is better at Poptropica computer game, that sounds nice with the baby.  Someone please look into the future and tell me what decisions would make child birth for the third time the easiest.
This baby is quite strong, and I must be big enough for strangers to now ask me about my pregnancy.

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