Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

I know you are dying to know about my mother's day after I told you about their song singing for FHE.  Well Saturday afternoon my son had a birthday party to attend at Lowe's, when we drove home from the party we had two Apple Trees in the back of the Subaru.   My husband spent the evening digging out our sand, to put in the trees. We have a nice mature lot with six large trees already, but no fruit trees. 
 My daughter wanted to help.  I mentioned that this might be a mother's day present for my husband.  He said whatever, who is the one that eats apples everyday.  I'm just trying to give you apples when the world falls apart. That was so nice, hopefully the world doesn't fall apart in less than 5 years.  Its true though, he wants a pear tree, but we don't think we have room for two more trees, and the pear needs to be cross pollinated.
 Then my daughter, wore my favorite shirt to church, its about to be too small.  It turns out I love big mum like flowers in her hair-- expect a craft follow up post to that. Large daisies don't look right with her small oval head, but small bows and daisies are fine.
 Here are our two apple sticks poking out of the dirt.  One day we'll have to cut down that tree behind the second stick, but I want to anyway, because its not straight, and blocks the path.  Here's hoping we can keep our trees growing straight in our WINDY WINDY town.  Don't mind our brown grass, once we turn on our sprinklers it will be fine.  We have a natural spring in our yard, and its interesting to see the water veins in the grass.   Brent said he hit water planting the tree in the green grass.  He said hopefully it grows with the sand that wet.  He is guessing the one in the brown grass grows better.  Our dirt is sand in this state.
Also my son make me a super cute book about his mom in school.  It says my favorite thing is to take naps. Darn pregnancy, makes me seem lame.  The kids love to try to surprise me by saying, "Happy Mother's Day" every few minutes.  Brent made berry crapes for dinner, they were super yummy. Plus they doubled as dessert and dinner.

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