Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reoccurring Dream

When my husband is out of town I have a reoccurring dream.  Its about how Brent isn't around and a miss him so much, and I really hope one day when we grow up and graduate from college we'll end up being more than just friends and get married.
This is funny, because apparently my subconscious hasn't got the memo that I ate my words and got married in college. (Plus had a baby before I graduated too.)
I always desperately miss my husband when he is gone, but it turns out having the bed to myself when I'm pregnant isn't totally bad.  Although I'm always grateful when he's back next me.

Oh a side note, during date night, I said to Brent, I re-check out a baby name book from the library, but I don't want to read it again, lets stick with what we got unless something better just pops into our head.  He said sounds good to me.  He hates when I'm reading baby name books, and suggesting everything under the moon.  Anyway, hooray, its nice to be settled on a name, maybe... Its nice not to be on the hunt.  Just for the record I probably won't tell you what it is, unless we are in person, then its questionable.  Just for the record, my blog definitely isn't being told what it is, sorry. I have absolutely no idea what my husband's take is on sharing the name with you, so good luck.

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