Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Science Fair

My husband and my son decided to participate in the science fair.  My son wanted to do something with flashlights and mirrors, I think.  My husband suggested lasers which totally jazzed up our 6 year old.  Thus their project was born. This is completely a group project, and it is expect that an adult will help you, in fact the work packet asked for your adult's name.  There was a lot of things I hated about the science fair, like putting together the board. I ended up using my glue gun, I love a glue gun.  But it sort of all didn't matter, because my son loved every second of working with his dad.  Actually what did matter was the science fair was totally chaotic, and gave me a killer headache.  I really hated that part.  I couldn't stand the lack of organization.  
My son got second place out of about 6 kindergartners.  He was very very proud.  He also talked about how he wanted to get first next year, so I gave him some constructive criticism.  I also thought doing slightly an easier project would make it easier to explain.  He actually had his presentation down, he just couldn't focus very well in all the massive chaos.  
We learned a lot this year, which will help next year, when he has more competition, although its low numbers in any of the younger grades.

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  1. You could volunteer to run it! A year ago I couldn't have helped you out, but now I have all kinds of hands-on experience!

    Also, love the glue gun idea!! Why haven't I thought of that? We usually go through an entire 12-pack of glue sticks and then some.