Saturday, September 10, 2011

Exciting Saturdays

I'm pretty sure everyone has more exciting Saturdays than me, because the internet is so boring today and no one wants to talk to me on the phone.  But whats a girl to do when her husband is working until after noon, and then he wants to rest from working all week plus half Saturday.
Turns out I hate shopping.  When I go shopping I have a specific thing in mind that I need, and then I have to shop around to a bunch of stores hoping to find it.  That's a lie I don't shop around, I go only to Kohl's, Walmart, Ross, Target and Sam's Club, and never all in the same month. Yes, I'm awesome, unless I need jeans then its aeropostale I go.  I bring up the shopping because lots of people go shopping on the weekend, or their kid's sports games, but that is apparently against the rules in this family.
But I'm totally off topic.  The topic is reading.  It seems like I haven't been reading lately, because I haven't.  I've been watching a lot of netflix and its getting really not entertaining.  I decided to have a personal Jane Austen Seminar this past summer.  I read all her books, and watch a ton of film adaptations. I really liked Northanger Abbey as I told you, and went on to Mansfield Park.  Well Fanny Price bore me from the second chapter, maybe it wasn't her, maybe it was her relatives, anyway, I can not move on until I finish Mansfield Park, unfortunately I still have 250 pages to go! I'm so bored, and not reading any other books.  Blah.
I have the post school started blues. I spent all summer waiting for my kids to be in school so I go shopping in peace, now its the last thing I want to do, it turns out it had nothing to do with them, I just hate shopping. Overall I'm burned out, and its not Fanny Price's fault, its my sunbeams, eight children is a lot, when half are extremely defiant and love to run away. I'm hoping they all run away during Sunday's Primary Program, then I can sit up there by my lonesome and enjoy being alone. I chase them down when we are in class, but there is no way I'm going to chase anyone in front of 300 people. It would be blissful to be alone.
I really want to paint my bedroom, but I'm made a vow to myself that I need to touch up the paint in the rest of the rooms before I buy more paint.  You know how your tape pulls off some paint and you have to fix it or you look a week later and figure out your second coat totally didn't cover the texturing on one wall. Yeah I have a lot of that.  I'm but putting it off, but I realized my kids are in the swing of school, its time to start.  Then I got like majorly sick yesterday.  It was a bummer.  I have nothing to do being sick, because as I said my book is boring, and netflix is un-entertaining.  You can't paint, sew, shop, or garden when you don't feel good.  In effort to nip in it the bum I took two Excedrin when I woke up.  Like I said I blame it on my sunbeams.  When I got called I was told I had three problem children, then a fourth moved in, and we were still chugging and I was enjoy the sweetness of the small children. Although this fourth problem child was by far the hardest of the four.  Then the fifth problem child moved in, I wanted to cry. The presidency constantly tells me how the fifth is by far the worst.  But it turned out the fourth and fifth were always on vacation at opposite times, so I was able to chug, then school started, vacations ended and my team teacher when to college, and now I'm so burned out I spend half the week laying on the couch pumping headache medicine. When I woke up I tried remind myself only three more months, but that was wrong, three more months until my daughter turns three.  Its four more months, I don't know if I'll last.
And you know I need a better weekend life so I don't blog about all my life problems.


  1. I don't like to shop either! Jake tells all his friends that's why we aren't broke ha ha.

  2. I totally have the back to school blues too! All summer I was waiting for my kids to go to school so I could clean my house. But now that they're back, the house is so cluttered that I'm paralyzed so I just sit around feeling sorry for my self and wondering what I should do with my life when really it's quite obvious that what I should do with my life is CLEAN MY HOUSE. Bleh.

    Also, I hate husbandless Saturdays. HATE. HATE. HATE. (I had one yesterday too.) Guess what I did not do. Clean my house.