Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halloween AHH!

I try really hard not to jump the gun with holidays, at least not out loud.  Unfortunately for you, our friends were over yesterday, the wife told me we were all dressing up, and we were going trick-or-treating together.  Now in the last 18 hours I've become obsessed.
Yesterday she said, "we are running out of time",
I said, "its two months",
she said "I know, I got to get ready if I'm making costumes".
Well now I have a partner in crime and so I can't conceal it to myself anymore.
Last year was the first time Brent and I have ever dressed up, it was so fun, even if we looked so lame.  So I've actually been thinking of ideas for the whole family.

  • Alice in Wonderland, for my daughter, I could be the Queen of Hearts, J said he wanted to be a rabbit, so its perfect. Only I don't think I can convince my husband on this, he already said no to the Mad Hatter. But there is always the caterpillar, the King of Hearts, or a whole other list of Characters. Although this would not be Disney's Alice.  I would never wear this.
  • We could be supers.  But not superman, or the Incredible, just our super family, because we are super. Remember super J cape, I could design a whole outfit around that cape, then make some for the rest of us.  Amazing J, Crazy N, Super Mom, and Big Daddy, it would be awesome! Do you think I can get Brent to wear a cape for Halloween? I'd let him shy away from spandex or underwear as outwear.
  • Or Ghostbusters as we were talking with our friends, I said one of the best costumes I ever made was Brent's Ghostbuster costume.  They said do you still have it do it again, no one here has seen it.  Good point.  At which point J said I want to be a Ghost again, which is not the first time he has uttered that.  My friend's husband/Brent's friend told me I should totally dress up as the lady with the big glasses, I haven't seen Ghostbusters since I was a kid and so I googled it, that was sort of a lame person.  So I wouldn't dress up as that, but I saw plenty of girls dressed up as Ghostbusters on google images, so I thought we'll that covers three of us. 
  • Everytime J and I talk about Halloween, Nan says she wants to be a pink butterfly.  (We already have that so it would be easy, but would it be lame?! if she already has the dress up.) I really want her to be a blue butterfly since that was some of the first words she said, but we have pink. We need to make antennas.

  • Nan wants to be a pink princess after our friend's showing her a picture of Princess Bumblegum. I wouldn't dress her up as Princess Bumblegum since that is what they are doing, but I could make her a princess dress since I know she would love it. But I think I've decided against a princess, she has years of begging to be a princess, I don't want to do that, until she is really old enough to really want it. I do actually have a princess dress at my mom's house, but I don't think I'm ready to wear that.  Its green and gold and was used for High School choir.

  • I dream up dressing both my children up a cowboy and cowgirl, they both have boots, but I'm pretty sure I can't convince J on that one, even though he has the boots and Nan's boots are gigantic and will fit at least another year, so that is really low on the list. Although Brent and I could dress up as Indians, that would be super funny to me, like we stole some homesteader's kids. If you knew know his family its even funnier.

  • J also mentioned a Lego Rock monster, here's hoping he forgets that.

  • Overall I can't wait to until a future year when I have a baby for halloween, I dream about these baby gnomes, because I've never seen anything cuter.  (No I'm not pregnant.)
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