Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FHE- Escape from Bagel

Remember the Tower of Bagel story?  Well weeks ago, a month ago, something, I found this picture of the Tower of Babel, which my son was fascinated with for days.  I kept the link open on the internet, and he would just stare. Somewhere along the lines I found this idea to make a tower of babel out of cake for the activity/treat of family home evening.  So four weeks ago, or more, J gave his first family home evening lesson.  I think I mentioned that before.  His topic the Brother of Jared and family leaving Babel for the promise land. He watched the scripture movie of it a bunch of times during Monday afternoon so he could learn the story again, we used the book, and I and his dad helped, but the point is he was learning. Before it was his job to tell the story in FHE he told me the story a half a dozen times, I think he froze up when the attention was on him. Then we had a super fun activity, that I found online from an unknown source at this point.  Brent thought it was a little weird that we were building the Tower of Babel out of cake. 

 They all fell over after three bricks.
 Best part, never in her life will her mom give her this much cake again.
 Daddy thought he could make his higher.
It fell down after three bricks.
A cake mix box at 7,000 ft can sometimes make A LOT of cake.  It all depends on the humidity I guess. Last week when I make cupcakes it is suppose to make 36 instead of 24 at this altitude, and I've always had a ton of batter since moving here, until last week, I got 24.  Wierd huh? All that cake on the table, came from one box.

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  1. There is no way that's your son! He looks sooo old!