Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Walking to Kindergarten

As I think I've mentioned, we walk to school, usually two-three times a week.  If Nan has joyschool we don't have time to walk.  Although my legs are felling the pain of a .9 of a mile to school, J is liberated.  He runs the whole way stopping when he can no longer see me.  .6 of the distance is along one road, that leads directly to the school.  At that point J could totally walk it by himself,  I could turn around after saying good  bye and walk back up the hill. But as a mother doesn't that sound terrifying?! He is only 5 and half. Then I read this article.
As recently as 1979, "... a six-year-old, in addition to having a couple of permanent teeth and knowing left from right, the book asks:Can he travel alone in the neighborhood (four to eight blocks) to store, school, playground, or to a friend’s home?"
Hmm, I'm thinking at the last next year he is totally walking the last .6 of a mile himself, he is hardly alone, there is mass hoard of children walking, with a few moms and strollers.  Maybe next spring we'll start practicing. Right now we are practicing him getting the mail, by next spring he is totally walking the 10 houses down to the mail box, looking both ways crossing at a cross walk, unlock the mailbox, get the mail, relock the mailbox, cross the street again, and walking home.  Oh yes, that is the goal for barely age 6.  If that goes well, then we'll start the second half of the walk to school by himself.
By the way I love this checklist, even if it is 30 years old. I plan on trying to accomplish it by next summer. Well more like 10 houses, not 10 blocks. By far the hardest thing will be teaching him to ride a two wheel bike.  We so did not accomplish that this summer, but he can pedal without help!  Wahoo.

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