Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good ol' Days

Don't you wished I blogged more often like the good ol' days?
I do, I wish I did everything more often.  I feel like I do nothing, but yet feel busy all the time.

Last night I went to a 6 year old's birthday party, with one of my new BFFs.  Ok, so maybe she isn't a BFF, but I do talk to her almost every day other than Saturday. I'm talking about another mom by the way.  Our son's are in the same Kindergarten class, and our daughters are in joyschool together.  Anyway, so of course the entire Kindergarten class was invited to the birthday party.  We decided to carpool the 35 minute drive to the event center, since we live in a small town there is no Chuck E Cheese's near by. The party wasn't at Chucks, but it could have been. We left our daughters home with their daddies.  I had never been to a child's birthday party like that as an adult.  It was weird, because of the size of the party place, parent of the kindergarten was required to attend, by birthday boy's mom's request. It was 20 kids, 20 parents, a few babies, and a few other siblings in a party room.  Mass Chaos.  I had some good chats with other moms.  One other mormon mom in the class told me last year at her daughter's party, one of the school friend's mom told her she had never been to a birthday party at a house.  Us other mormon mommies laughed. My BFF and I mentioned to another mom our daughters were in co-op preschool together.  She didn't know what that was, we explained that we take turns teaching at our houses, she said she had never heard of anything like that before.  I though ah yes, us Mormons are weird bunch, so thrifty and industrious.  We run our own preschools and throw our children birthday parties at our houses. Another mom asked me if since I was from Utah if I was mormon, I said yes.  The conversation proceeded to her asking me if I went to Utah State because I didn't get into BYU, I said no I got in, I just decided not to go there.  She said oh, all my study friends as CSU were mormons who didn't get into BYU.  Well alright.  This same mom's daughter has a crush on my son.  She thinks he has the cutest voice and wonders if he was born with it.  The mom and daughter are also a fan of his hair.  My son is apparently irresistible with his curly brown locks and big brown eyes.
Back to the birthday party, I have never seen a child get so many presents in my life.  Nor did I ever see the birthday boy smile.  He ripped open each present and waved it in the air and asked do I have this already?  Then he would put it down and grab the next one.  He didn't seem to light up when he saw his cake with all his friends gathered around.  I have a stoic child too, but I wondered what was the point in spending $200+ on a birthday party if your child doesn't even smile.  I think I'll stick to my home birthday parties for now, my children laugh and smile the whole time.  But maybe that's because they aren't over stimulated with a room full of 50 people. (No, I will not pass out invitations at school, because I have no intention of inviting 25 people to my child's 6th birthday party.) We then spent the next hour barely talking or seeing anyone else from school as we played in the arcade. At 8:30 we traded in our tickets for a large plastic crayon coin bank.  It reminded me of the first time I was at arcade thing with tickets.  You see all the fancy prizes hanging up for all to see, thinking oh that is what I want.  You play for an hour or so, waste at least $20, get barely a handful of tickets, walk past the people with HUGE piles of tickets on the floor under their game, and you trade in your small handful for a crappy plastic toy worth 50 cent.  Ahh, fun, now I remember what I'm so unfun. I have no intention of returning to that event center anytime soon.

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  1. That top paragraph put into words exactly how I've been feeling! The baking picture made me miss having my own house that I run, not a hotel or shared kitchen. We'll get back there soon.