Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day

Over Labor Day, my father in law and sister in law came to visit us.  
 Grandpa shares many interests with my children, like rocks.
 But I'm a loser and didn't take out my camera, so I have no pictures of the kids with Auntie Kim. She took the pictures of my kids with grandpa.

 We hiked to Monument Rock while they were here.
 Oh look my husband took a pictures of the Aunt and Niece.
 Oh look I took a picture with my husband's camera, is he jumping or falling, the world may never know.
 Actually I'll tell you that is the second time he is jumping up to do chin ups, I thought he was so cute, I made him do it again so I could take pictures of him. My son was on a mini one.
They came so my sister in law could run a marathon, but I didn't include those pictures because I figured it was her story not mine. Actually she told me she wanted a cuter race outfit so I didn't include her pictures.  Which is exact how I felt when I saw the pictures took of me hiking.  Holy smokes, I looked awful, I couldn't find my normal hat, and I'm worried about my scalp getting skin cancer with as much as it burns here.  So I look like I'm wearing a trucker hat, except we all know those have been in style since before I was a mom.  Plus my shorts with my boots, oh I need to look hotter when I'm hiking.

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