Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Oh I wanted to cry yesterday.  My husband set up my daughter's big girl bed. She stayed in it all night long, didn't crawl out once!
 I know bedrails are very controversial.  But I like a bed on a frame, and I've heard after a night or two kids learn not to fall out, but I like to make the big kid bed appear like a crib with walls. I'm not sure if the green dust ruff I had in my closet matches. She totally loves her big girl bed, and is so proud of it.
Although tonight while I was at back to school night, Brent was putting them to bed.  She wouldn't pick up her toys Brent told her if she didn't pick up her toys she had to sleep in the crib, we just moved it to the other side of the room for a few weeks/months.  She willing slept in her crib.  That little stinker!


  1. Love the lamp.
    They're controversial?
    I've always wanted them but never bought.

  2. Caroline, controversial is probably the wrong word. I've just heard from most moms they think they are stupid. But I personally love them, in the beginning.