Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Friends

Tonight, my daughter was sad when Dora was turned off.  Before this she hadn't watched TV since J was in preschool this morning, so I was quite proud she went 7 hours.  But she was quite sad when it was turned off, I told her I know its sad, but its time for bed.  I asked her if Dora was her best friend?  She said no.  Is Hannah?  No.  Is Johnny?  No.  Is your brother?  No.  I am?  She smiled, said yeah, and gave me a big hug.  It was good she finally said yeah, because I was running out of options, after me and then her dad.  But it was nice to be rewarded after a long two days.  This is why I love toddlers, because they honestly believe with all that toddler brain power, that their mommy is their best friend.  I find a colicy bossy 2 year old toddler easier to care for most days than the preschooler.  She may scream 10 hours a day but she never tells me in the middle of reading books, or cooking dinner, or driving to the library, or putting on shoes.  "I'm BORED!"  Then again maybe I'm not fair, because the 5 year old screaming is just as bad if not worse as I'm Bored!, and definitely worse than the 2 year old.  I'm not sure if he and I are going to survive this winter together.  Our seasonal affective disorders seem to be at odds with each other, last night's snow storm did nothing positive for such moods, in our small apartment.
But I'm off topic, this is a happy post, about how I am Nan's best friend. She gives the best hugs. That being said, please no one tell me how hard any amount of children over the quantity of two is hard, because I just don't think I can stand it. The longer my two children are alive the smaller my expected family gets.

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