Thursday, February 3, 2011


Despite what the picture shows, my mother in law does not become between my husband and I.
He He, I know that is a really lame joke, but I think this picture is funny.
I spent the last week making a 100 page photobook on Winkflash. Their code isn't the greatest, but a couple times a year they have flat rate sale, so instead of $75+ for the book, it only costs $32ish including shiping. Sometimes its really fun to go through all the pictures from last year, and re-live the fun. Other times its quite stressful to try to consodidate 6,000+ pictures into a 100 pages. Yes, my husband and I took more than 6,000 pictures in only 365 days.

On a side note, years ago I mentioned on my blog that I thought that my husband love language was produce. His sisters commented that its true for their family.  So here is the perfect valentines for people who speak the love language of produce.

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