Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm a little confused with my daughter lately.  All she wants to do is stay in her pajamas and watch Dora or Deigo all day long, literally.  She screams bloody murder, and wiggles, kicks, roll over everything else when I try to change her clothes.  She hates taking off her pajamas.  I have to hid them in the laundry, or she will try to put them back on.  The uglier the pajamas the more she loves them.  She is more than willing to take off her clothes and put her pajamas on at night, she doesn't want to wear clothes, even if I'm finding knit pants for her to put on.  Then she wants to watch tv all day.  Where did she learn this?  I hate staying in my pajamas and feeling like a slob.  I never watch tv all day.  Where did she learn that its ok, to stay in pajamas and watch tv all day?  She doesn't watch tv, all day, but when its not on, she points to the tv constantly screaming at me.  The moral of the story, she is such a joyful daughter to have.
The previous picture was taken before she entered her slob phase.

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