Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Year

I'm pretty sure none of my posts are timely anymore. (RSS feed users, a few days ago I finally started to post old posts I haven't ever hit the orange button for.)  A few weeks ago my child celebrated Chinese New Year in preschool.  He was trilled that it was year of the rabbit, because he loves his stuff animal Peter Rabbit, that is named Old Bunny.  With the massive pile of preschool junk that came home in his backpack I learned a interesting little piece of trivia about my family.  My husband and my son's Chinese Zodiac is the Dog, my daughter and I are both rats.  Personally I find the rat to pretty much be the lamest Chinese Zodiac to have, not that I actually take stock in any zodiac, it makes me feel lame when I go to Chinese restaurants to be reminded that I'm a rat.  But back to the interesting bit of trivia that I learned during all this Chinese New Year is my husband and son are 24 years apart, and my daughter and I are 24 years apart.  Funny huh?

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