Monday, February 7, 2011

Cute Girl

Earlier my daughter was scribbling on paper, when I noticed her say "bebe bebe" then drop her marker, and rock an invisible baby in her arms.  It was very cute, to know she was drawing pictures of babies. I not sure I've ever met a girl who loves babies quite as much as my daughter.
We have a play date policy, if we go to someone else house, its always a BYOB playdate. ("Bring your own Baby") Wars and massive scream ensue if we don't, apparently most 2 year olds don't need four plastic babies like my daughter and usually only have one.
Yesterday my friend said they finally weaned their two year old off sleeping with her baby doll.  I said huh, funny, Nan wants specific things to sleep with but never her babies.  She puts her babies to bed before she goes to be, in their own bed.  My friend laughed saying, "oh she is one of those moms that like her sleep." I said yeah, I guess so like me.  She doesn't know any different because I don't allow my kids in my bed. She doesn't know that some mommy sleep with babies.

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