Monday, February 7, 2011

Elementary Football

My husband and I have never been invited to a Super Bowl party until this year.  I was so honored, but it wasn't much of a party it was just three couples, and four kids.  But nonetheless I felt so loved.  Actually it is only the second time we have watched part of the Super Bowl, in our marriage.  We aren't much of sport fans, we've never had a tv until this year, and like I said we were never invited. I'm sure we were never invited because we don't come off as people who care about sports. But I was slightly interested this year, since it seemed like a throw back to old school America. Back when unions were helping the production of America, not destroying it.
Turns out that I can't handle more than 3/4 of a football game, which is why I never showed up before the second quarter of a high school football game, and I only went to two college games.  That an my college team was embarrassingly terrible. In the middle of the third quarter, I just snapped, I was so done, I cleaned up all the toys the four kids had played with and stuffed my kids out my friends door claiming it was bedtime.  In my defense it was actually bedtime.
I went home and made my husband put my kids to sleep, and that was that.  Until I read Alisa's post.  All of a sudden my quiet thoughts made sense.  The only two names I recognized the whole game was Dion Sanders and Troy Aiken.  Aiken was a commentary if you didn't notice, Sanders was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  One of our friends said about Aiken, and her husband said no, he was a Cowboy, I don't like any cowboys.  Inside I was screaming blaspheme, outside I was silent, I couldn't even figure out why I cared. Until I read Alisa's blog.  That's why that dang Valley Creek implanted Cowboy loyalty into my subconscious. I also feel a strong kinship to the Rangers. I couldn't careless about the Stars or the Mavericks, even-though I would rather watch those sports than football and baseball.  But the Stars and Mavericks weren't in their glory until after Elementary school so its not deep seated like Cowboys and Rangers two sports I barely like. 


  1. Good! Relieved to know I'm not the only one!! What is with elementary school and sports team loyalty?? I asked Greg about it, and he thinks I'm crazy. But he pointed out the only people this would happen to are people who don't think about or follow sports--so the only thing they have to go on are vague impressions from childhood. Yup, that explains it!

  2. HA HA HA! My brother is so funny.