Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Secret

I just wanted to share with everyone my secret to happiness.  A pregnant women can get a multitude of free parenting magazines.  They just seem to come and come and come, forever. I use to obsessively read them, at least two-three a month.  To the point I was about to explode. Life was not happy, those magazines did not improve anybody's life in my house.  My secret to happiness was to recycle those devil magazines immediately and/or cancel some of subscriptions.  Oh, life has been so much happier now, for everyone.
I don't feel like a bad mom.
I don't feel like my children are failures.
I don't feel like my children are abnormal.
My husband doesn't have to play emotional damage control.
I don't worry about every little thing, and can just enjoy new things when they come.
We are going on at least a year of house free of parenting magazines. I plan on never reading another one again, unless maybe my next ob doesn't haven anything else in her office and I forgot my book.
No I'm not pregnant this is not an announcement.

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