Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My husband got promoted.  He finishes his MBA in July, and on Monday he officially joined management.  He is meeting with his director today.  It goes manager, (upper) manager, director. So now instead of having two managers between him and his director there is only one.  Since its internal things will take a while, they have to hire his replacement and he has to train him, and probably a few others.  The job opening to replace him was posted yesterday so its official! 
The great omen about it all, is he had a list of career goals to achieve by the time he was thirty.  He turned 29 on Monday, the day his new position was official.  So he now has completed all his goals.
(Sort of, he had a salary goal, I'm not sure if its polite to say actual numbers. Our salary is not that, but it was a salary goal if we lived in California, we planned on moving out there at one point.  We have since changed our plans but since the cost of living is different here we have met it. Just not number wise. But comfortable life wise/ cost of living- yes.)
I'm very proud of my husband, for achieving his goals before 30. I'm also really glad he achieved his goals, because as a wife I fear I'm holding him back, so its nice to know I'm not. I actually think I'm probably fueling his goals, but I fear I'll hold him back.  Emotional is not always logic.
He might also had had a goal to own a house, so we'll see if that happens in the next 12 months.  But even if that doesn't, its better to have not owned than be underwater right? That and we paid for tuition by not owning.
Long story short, my husband is management.  He accomplished another goal.  He is very driven.  I'm glad I interrogated him so much when we were dating, because I wanted to marry a man who was motivated with his career so I'm glad I pushed to figure out.  (Brent doesn't like talking about himself.) If I was going to get married and give up my career for our family, he was better going to have a good career. Education didn't always come super easy for me, but I tried and was motivated, so I wasn't necessarily looking for the top of the class, just someone that was going to try and keep moving.  I think I was very successful in finding that, Brent has done a lot in the last 11 years, since he got out of high school. I'm proud of him.  I'm married to a stellar man.

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