Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I should list everything I'm thankful for, but instead I'm going to complain. I think life is hard, and it totally stresses me out lately.
There is never enough money
There are too many poopy pants
The dishes always need doing
It takes me all day long to do the laundry, and tomorrow, there will be just as much again
My children always need feeding
There is never enough time to do all the things I want
- I have stacks of books to read
- and stacks of material too sew
- and back to the never enough money, I want to buy every piece of pretty material I see, but I haven't sewn what I have
I never feel like I have enough time to spend with my husband, really this is one of my biggest complaints. Even though we spent lots of time together I always wish there was more time.
First set of immunizations come too soon, I don't even feel like we've adjusted to the new family size and I have to immunize already. Immunizations are so tiring. She cries enough as it is.
Health insurance sucks.
The carpet in my downstairs is nasty. But its a rental, so what can you do?!
Really I'm just very tired it was a long weekend, birthday partying wore me out. And I felt like missed half of the party anyway.
My hormones are still not normal I think, because my nasty carpet made me want to cry.
And by no fault of his own, my husband is always working.
I want a break/vacation, but every day my husband is suppose to get off, he ends up on the phone for 6 hours.
Yes, I know I'm complaining a lot, and all of these are really blessings in disguise.
Its better for my husband to work a lot than get no pay check at all.
I could go through and do the flip side, but instead I'll wallop in my suffering, and instead silently think, life isn't bad at all.
But seriously I don't feel like I'm meeting any of the demands put on me, I feel like I'm falling short in about every aspect. Oh well, the good with the bad right?!
Good night, and Good luck. Or vise versa, I never can remember. I desperately need both.


  1. I totally feel ya on the falling short part! I am having one of those nights and it is no fun at all...

  2. Lesli you are a great mom! close your eyes when you walk past the carpet.

  3. Just wait till the big brother learns how to get a big screaming reaction from the little girl, and the little girl learns that having a big screaming reaction gets her brother in trouble and makes her mother have a big screaming reaction.

    I've been reading Robinson Crusoe and he's talked a lot about how blessed he is to be stuck on a deserted Island instead of something worse, and how if you look at your situation there is always someone worse off than you. I think I'm supposed to look at my life and think how great things really are. But I read the book and thought about how I would love to be stuck by myself on an island.

  4. You are so not alone there but I'm sure you're doing great. Then there's me. I have been so screwed up the last 4 years that I don't know if I know how to be normal anymore. Plus, I just don't know how to deal with the fighting between my two girls. They do not get along at all and I can't stand the drama. I'm not a dramatic person...really not sure where they get it from but I want to tear my hair out every day.