Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shot up

My children had their well child visits yesterday. Ironically enough neither of them were well. They both got immunization, and so now our house is a sorry lot with their sore legs and stuffy noses. My daughter was 11.5 lbs, and 23.75 inches long. My son was 29.5 lbs and 36.25 inches long. Thank goodness I swear he was 28 pounds for almost a year. My son was 25th and 25th percentile. My daughter was 50th for weight and 75th for length. Yes, she is long and leggy. I have no problem with 25th its easier to move them and such. My doctor and her nurse are nice and all but I don't think I will be coming back up this way for her, once we move out west. I don't like pushy doctors and after this time I decided she was pushy. She asked me about J man development, then asked is he in preschool or daycare? I said no, then she said in very condescending, pushy way, next year. I just looked at her. If I decided to put him in preschool next year is my own business, not hers to regulate. She can tell me she recommends it, she can tell me why she thinks it would be a good thing, but in my opinion I am paying her, she can not tell me how to raise my children, especially if they are healthy. If he was lacking developmentally she could say it will help catch him up, but he is clearly not lacking. I miss J's doctor he had before we moved, he and his nurse were the best doctors I've ever seen for kids. Even though he was a family doctor not a pediatrician. I don't like pediatricians offices, I feel like its a cesspool for germs. Not that I feel like other doctor's offices are germ free, but I'm at least not scared of my child moving.
Begin the rant:
I will probably put J in preschool next year, but I haven't decided. I have a friend who's little girl is very intelligent, and she decided to not put her in preschool, because she knew even without preschool she would be bored in kindergarten because she is so smart. And her daughter is now in kindergarten and bored, without going to preschool. If J learns how to read in the next 6 months, then I'm pretty sure he will also be bored in normal kindergarten. I realize preschool is more than learning to read, but I'm sure I can find my child plenty of social interactions without paying for preschool. And no this rant is not about the money. This rant is about America's obsessiveness for free childcare that we call "school" and maybe if our children played just a little bit more and did less facts, figures and flashcards the children would not only be less overstrung, but would actually be healthier and smarter too. In the doctors office while I was waiting I read a pamphlet about ADHD. It was ridiculous. I think ADHD is a legitimate problem for some people, but I don't think medication is always the way to solve it. More play often helps control the symptoms. In the pamphlet it said things like, my ADHD got worse in high school, so with medication and help from the counselor I learned how to write down assignments in a schedule. I thought SERIOUS?! he doesn't sound like he has ADHD he sounds like he is a high school student that is involved into many activities and has too much homework. Learning how to schedule time is a vital skill for anyone not only "hyperactive" kids. And heaven forbid small children not wanting to sit still for 7 hours and only learn math and english. Rant complete.
Back to doctors, I loved my son's pediatric dentist, so even after we move we'll come back up here for that. The dentist my husband and I saw, is a sub, (long story) so no need to come back for him. After actually having a baby, I decided I liked my OB a lot. I don't know if she is my favorite doctor in the world, but good enough that I don't want to take a gamble and try to find a new one. I would be perfectly happy to see her for all my babies, and have all my babies in the hospital I had N babe. My husband and I loved the hospital, the nurses were all so helpful and nice. Most of the nurses we had in the hospital with our son were push and rude, so it was great to not have a single nurse that was rude for my daughter. I always expected to leave this state after we finished school. That didn't happen, getting a job is who you know not what you know and we didn't know anyone with computer job hook ups outside of this state. I then expected to be gone before my son started kindergarten, that is clearly not going to happen. I won't be surprised if my son gets ordained to be a deacon while living in this state. Although I do think we will be living somewhere else before he graduates from high school. Who knows I could be wrong. I'm not sure how my children's sad pathetic immunizations turned into my 15 year plan for doctors. Its really their colds that make them pathetic. We hadn't been sick all winter. But once the weather warmed up, my son was a goner. He handles cold weather fine, he just doesn't do well in fall and spring when it goes back and forth between cold and warm.


  1. Yep, I totally know how you feel when it comes to finding a good fit for a pediatrician and doctors.
    Preschool is a highly overrated daycare.
    Ever heard of Joy School?

  2. I am a graduate of Joy School.

  3. I didn't go to pre-school and my personal opinion is that I really don't see the point of it...I'm with Bec-ster about it being overrated daycare...

    and I too think pediatrician's offices are gross.

  4. Look into preschool options if you decide to send him--we are on the other side of the country,so no advice for that area, but anyway, we found a totally play-based progressive preschool that my 4 year old goes to, mostly because we are new to the state and didn't have friends and since EVERYONE is in preschool, there is no one around for her to play with. But they do no actual "work" or lessons, just lots of stations where they can do what they want with the supplies (no directed art projects or instruction on how to build with the blocks or whatever.) I love it. I'm actually considering sending her again next year instead of doing kindergarten since she's already figuring the reading and math thing out on her own--who needs "school". She can just play with her friends all morning and have fun and be fine.

    (BTW, I grew up with your husband's family--I've commented a couple times, but just thought I'd let you know so you don't wonder who this crazy lady is :) I'm just pretty passionate about education, and how wrong most schools go about it.)