Friday, February 6, 2009

Everyone is invited

My son is about to turn three. He doesn't quite understand. He keeps telling me, "I am two and half, mom." I keep trying to tell him his birthday is in a month, his birthday is in three weeks, his birthday is in two weeks. About three months ago, my grandpa taught him how to put up two and half fingers for his age, he as been enamored with counting halves of fingers since.
Anyway, his birthday is coming, y'all are all invited.
We don't really expect anyone to travel for his party, but if you want to feel free. Just let us know before hand so we have enough lunch.
His party is on Saturday the 14th, ha ha, yup that's right, he wasn't born until the 16th, but we are confiscating Brent's and JD's birthday for a three year old. So I can go out childfree the night before with my husband.
Lunch a week from Saturday for whoever is interested.
Here is some highlights of previous years.
I don't know why I picked the dangerous looking pictures.
Yeah I'll be honest his birth was hardly a highlight of his life or mine. I love him, am glad he is my firstborn, but wish it was possible to have a firstborn without the whole born/birthing process. Second born not too bad, I could repeat that process again in a couple of year, but first born, wish I could have a had a second born experience on my firstborn.


  1. I hope and pray for a "second birth" experience with my third...

  2. sorry we aren't going to make it this year! We do hope everyone has a happy birthday and a happy valentine's day!
    Take pictures so we can see all the fun we missed.