Thursday, February 5, 2009


Its official I'm an old lady.
  1. I listen to light rock radio stations in the car, you know the best of the 80s, 90s, and now, with a little bit of country mixed in for a good time. The stuff we are all forced to listen to in the dentist. The stuff that made me want to scream when I worked at the ortho. Luckily my son doesn't let me listen to music in the house, and my husband listens to rap or 90s alternative, so the only time I'm listening to my old lady music is in the car. Although now that I admit this I'm wondering if I listen to light rock because I like it or, because it is the only thing on the radio during the day other than classical, and NPR. I listen to my fair share of those too. Only further proof I'm getting old.
  2. I always want the music, the radio, the computer, the movie, whatever is making the noise I want it turned down. Its too loud.
  3. I hate low rise jeans. I am so sick of my underwear hanging out. I am so ready for high waisted jeans to be fashionable again. Luckily I am no longer in school, so the only time I'm forced to admit that no one should be wearing low rise jeans is when I'm at stores. Whole foods employees seem to be the worst about thongs hanging out. Why didn't they get the memo three years ago that boyshort underwear is the new thong?
  4. I am strangely attracted to buying seasonal t shirts. Christmas shirt anyone? Halloween? Valentine's Day? I had to stop myself from searching Wally World for a t shirt with hearts. Unfortunately my apron collection is not immuned.
Birthing two children before the age of 25 did not make me an old lady, no... its just my tastes and preferences.


  1. It's the seasonal T-shirts that give away the old-lady tendencies.

  2. I swore I would be an old lady with false teeth by the time I was 30. I only have a few more months to make this dream come true.

  3. I'm so with you about turning down noise. Poor Victor has to watch Sesame Street on near mute.