Friday, February 27, 2009

For Grammy

The other day my mother requested some head shots of my baby. She said she need to see the shape of her head, (don't ask me) she said it was a grandma thing. So I obliged.
These first two are pretty much what my daughter looks like to me.
I think she looks more like my side than my husband. But she does have Rasmussen ears, like her dad. Which is funny because my son looks like his dad, but has my ears.

I took way more pictures than I was planning. Big brother was asleep, and we were having fun.

This was my attempt to get her smiling in the picture. It hard because she gets fascinated with the camera then stops smiling. But for me to get her to focus on me talking baby talk I have a hard time aiming the camera without looking, hence my ear.


  1. She's got a great shaped head! Plus she's got great eyes.

  2. Beautiful baby! The pics were just what I wanted. Can hardly wait to hold her!

  3. Pam the doctor actually complimented me on her head. She was impressed she didn't have any flat spots. I thought yeah its easy not to have flat spots when you don't follow conventional pratices.

  4. telatubies ? I guess you might have to read an earlier post to understand the large green square on her shirt. The color does bring out her large happy eyes!
    I think she is so beautiful and getting so big so fast! I can't wait to have all the cousins together. Three babies!
    Rach is so sad that she doesn't have a baby. She keeps announcing that her mom is pregnant. She is so jealous of the two girls her age that have babies. It is so funny. Then her mom has to reassure everyone that no she is not and isn't planning too and that is that! !

  5. She is such a doll. I agree- she looks a lot like you :)

  6. Wow! That last picture of her smiling at you just really reminded me of your smile! I think you should post your baby pic on here to so we can compare!