Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Holidays

As I have already mentioned I have way too much holiday material in my house. So I used some of material to make a fall/thanksgiving apron, and a Christmas apron. The first is thanksgiving if you couldn't tell.
My favorite part, the jack o lantern on the back of the neck. It was no accident.
The Christmas one.
The material was rather dark and busy and needed something to break it up, so I used the lace I had bought but decided not to use for something else. I love the way it turned out, maybe its a little grandmaish, but I think it adds to the retroness of the print. Plus it reminds me of a scalloped design on a cookie, or frosting trim on a gingerbread house.
I've been wanting to make a birthday apron for months now, but haven't been able to find any good material for it. I saw one at a store for a large lump sum and thought it was a cute idea. I thought my small children would think it was fun if their mom had a special birthday apron for their birthdays. I know that sounds cheesy but none the less, I decided to jump on board. So now I'm well on my way to having an every holiday apron. I now need to go get some clearanced Halloween material so I can be ready for next year.


  1. I know you do a lot of projects, but when did you learn to sew?? Why did you never teach me to sew? Where do you find that fabric?

  2. My mom taught me when I was little, sometime during late elementary school age. I sewed occasionally in high school, or laurel projects, or niece/nephew presents, but I probably didn't talk about it at the lunch table. I buy fabric at JoAnns, when its on sale, or with a coupon. Its the cheapest I can find as far as price goes other than walmart, but walmart has ugly cheap quality material usually. I could ask you why you never taught me to crochet, since I know you know how to make afghans.

  3. I do know how to crochet, but I didn't finish my first project until my first year at BYU. That was LONG after the lunch table days. I also know how to cross-stitch, but I haven't done it in years... possibly decades.

  4. Oh I hate cross-stitching, I haven't done in more than a decade. But I do embroider.