Thursday, November 13, 2008


My kid has been potty trained for a while. Downstairs he can to do it entirely independent, although right now he favors the upstairs. Upstairs we have to remember to keep the light during the evening, because he can't reach that, he also needs help turning on the water upstairs to wash his hands. Other than that, he goes in and pottys all by himself, thankfully, because he always gets the urge in the middle of dinner. (Nothing annoys me more, I ask him to go before, I've just spent the last 20+ minutes moving around in the kitchen, so there is nothing I hate more as a mother that having to get up during dinner to help him. Luckily he can do it by himself.) But yesterday we hit a milestone. In the middle of dinner he got up (not to potty, just because he didn't want to eat) and I noticed he had different pants on. I asked him when he changed his pants, he looked at me like I was crazy. Later that night my husband was gathering up dirty laundry from his room (it always amazes me how much laundry a little person can have), and there was a pair of wet underwear on the floor. I said he didn't wet any underwear today, but sure enough they were wet, and under them was the pair of pants my son got dressed in the morning.
New Milestone: Changing his own accidents.
I anticipate a few accidents over the next few years, but who cares as long as he is changing them. I've heard stories of the child that never once had accident, but that is not my child, he has many more important things to do than hang out in the bathroom all day. And heck I can't blame him, our bathroom is the ugliest room in the house. I can dream yesterday will be the last accident, but I decided many months ago to have low expectations when it came to potty training that way I wouldn't be disappointed. Its worked great, I didn't tell my son my low expectations, so I didn't set him up for failure, and instead he exceeded my expectations by a hundred fold. I really did not expect him to go in and go potty all my himself, by October, he is not even 3, no one else born in 2006 in Nursery is potty trained. I assumed I'd be helping through the first few months of baby sister, (his underwear is pretty tiny and get quite twisted). Although I also anticipate some regression during the first few months of baby sister.

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