Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tonight as I was putting my son to sleep I could tell things were not going as planned. He wanted more and more books, I had to act fast. I asked, "do you need a friend in bed?" "Huh" (meaning yes). "Like your valentine bear?" (This is a usual favorite, but I guess my earlier post jinxed me.) "Huh" (again, once again meaning yes). I started rifling through the stuff animals no valentines bear. "How about this one, I can't find the bear?" "Yes", "so good night?" "No, valentines bear." By the time this ends he has three stuff animals in bed. Still he keeps saying valentines bear. I tell him I need to go look for it in a different room, stay in bed. By this time I have been silently praying that Heavenly Father will help me find valentines bear. I tell my kid, you better be praying to Heavenly Father that mommy can find the bear. I search the whole house nothing. My silent prayers continue. I go back in and explain I can't find it, try to pawn off other stuff animals. Still I get valentines bear, with that tone of any second now if things don't go my way I'll have a melt down which leads to tears. I leave once again looking for the bear, my prayers are stronger, and I too have that tone in my thoughts that I want to cry. I think maybe if I just sit on the couch he'll think it is coming and fall asleep. I move the couches out, no bear. I'm afraid he is going to get out of bed, so I go back in there. Still no bear, I search in the stuff animal box for the fourth time. Still no bear, I'm wondering how all those sunbeams find their mom's keys after one prayer. This valentine's bear is surely just as important as some kid's mom's keys. Still praying. I find a mini bear, I ask my son if he wants the mini bear instead. He says, huh. I asked if its good enough. He says, huh again. With no valentines bear question following. Is it success? I give the bear a kiss then him a kiss, he gives me a kiss back. Success, I'm out the door, shutting it behind. Thanking my Heavenly Father.
Lessons learned:
1. Never suggest what friend my kid needs in bed, until its already in my hands.
2. Prayers are answered unexpectedly, not how I plan.

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  1. Totally cute. I need to see your Joshua again soon.