Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All ready

Less than a month until my due date and I'm finally all ready for the baby to come. (Sort of) The infant car seat is out of storage, all the new baby clothes are washed, I got diapers awhile ago when they were on sale (two boxes, probably at least last us 3 days), I finally remembered I needed to buy wipes last Saturday (my son no longer needs diaper wipes), and I bought a swing today. (I couldn't have survived postpartum last time without the swing, and since we gave away our last I had to get a new one, in order to feel prepared.) Wipes and the swing were last on my list, and they are now crossed off too. Here's to waiting and becoming miserably uncomfortable! As of now, I'm hoping she comes on time, not early. By the time the 9th has past if she hasn't come, I know I can't say, I hoping she comes late. (She is all ready, head smashing my bladder, one foot in the left rib and the other foot in the right rib. I have to remind myself this is a good thing. My son was sideways so his feet were only on my right side, I had to do exercises for him to come back up since he dropped early, and rotate fully.)

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