Monday, November 17, 2008


I've hit critical mass in my pregnancy, I am so sick of pants that don't fit right, and pants that fall down. Which means I spend half the day in my pj pants. Really they are are velour sweat pants, sexy I know. I wish I wore them all day long everyday, because they are the only things that fit, and are comfortable. I am in a constant state of uncomfortableness since I have 3 weeks left, so if I can feel a little less uncomfortable with staying in my powder blue velour pants every day, I will. Unfortunately I am not the type of girl to wear sweat pants in public, as try as I might, I can't walk out of the house in them any farther than to take out the trash or get the mail. (And even then I sneak around so the neighbors don't see me in my sweat pants.) Which means if I go in public to the store or such I have to put on pants that don't fit. I hate ALL maternity pants, (I had one pair of capris that fit, but now they are a little cold). I have almost two drawers of pants that semi fit during pregnancy, and all are uncomfortable, all have to be pulled up all day long, so I am now uncomfortable enough I'm boycotting, at least in my house. Since my son thinks I'm in pjs all day, he wants to wear his all day. We have compromised, he can wear his, if he puts on big boy underwear.
Last night, my husband's friend told me I looked really tired. I said I'm uncomfortable, I only have three weeks left. I thought it is only going to get worse until after she comes.
In good news though, she is getting lower, her bum is now below my belly button. Which is actually really nice, because now my belly button doesn't stick out as much and it stopped hurting.
P.S. I desperately want these fleece pants from old navy. They are super long on the mannequins which means they might actually fit me. Plus I can't think of any thing better than fleece horizontal striped pajamas during the winter.

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  1. They always look long. After one washing they'll be an awkward length and after two washings they'll be annoying.