Monday, November 24, 2008

Date Night

My super nice sister in law, called up my husband on Friday and offered to babysit our child so we could go out before our offspring double in quantity. My husband said we could go anywhere other than the new Twilight movie. I assumed he meant he wasn't willing to go see it, but he said no because its sold out. I said I don't care, I want to go see Quantum of Solace. (I read the Twilight Books, but I disliked the last book so much, I don't know if I want to go see the movie of the first. Although she is the author I've decided Stephenie Meyer and I have a very different view of the books. She played a large role in developing the film from what the paper said, so I don't know if I want to see her ruin the series more.) Back to Bond, so I've been very excited to see Quantum of Solace since I first saw the preview on Apple. Enjoyed the previous much more than any other James Bond movie.
So we went to the theater and parked near the homeless shelters and wondered if our car would still be there when we got back, and based on the remains of a few bikes parked near by it wouldn't. I've never seen bikes so stripped and mangled in my life. The theater was filled with hoards of middle age woman and teenaged girls standing in the way being pests. There was a super long like to get our tickets ripped, we figured it was only for Twilight, so we walked up, then realized maybe its for all. Since our movie was about to start we said the heck with it, and walked to the theaters anyway. Since it was a large movie complex we got lost, and a nice manager with an accent stopped to help us. He said we were down the wrong corridor, then he said oh your problem is you haven't had your tickets ripped yet. Brent said, yup, and the man pointed us in the right direction. I found it hysterical, the manager was all confused why our tickets weren't ripped and Brent was just agreed with him. It was the highlight of our date.
I very much enjoyed the movie, but wished I would have seen Casino Royale more recently. But still the highlight of the night was the manager trying to figure out why our tickets weren't ripped. That an evening alone with my husband.

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  1. Jealous. I still haven't seen the new Bond. I will... hopefully tomorrow in a night out with my husband! Glad you got a night away.